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Fluid regulation is an essential part of marine vessels like ships, boats, cruises, etc, which make use of globe valves. This specific type of valve is selected by the shipping industries due to multiple benefits. It can control the flow of liquid by tuning between full open to full close degree of the valves appropriately. Also, it requires very little lifting of the valve to allow the full flow of the fluid.

Out of different kinds of valves available in the market, marine engineers suggest globe valves for marine pipelines. But, before purchasing this valve from globe valve suppliers in UAE, you should understand its benefits. Also, you need to know the typical applications of globe valves to decide why it’s better than other valves in the market.

Why Marine Industry Prefers Globe Valve Above Other Valves?

If you are curious about the role of globe valves in the marine industry, you must consider the top advantages of this valve. Hence, have a glance at them:

  1. The globe valve comprises of different parts which perform a different set of tasks in the pipelines and machinery on ships. Hence, to discuss the beneficial features of the globe valve, you must know how it works for marine equipment.
  2. The general construction of ships involves lots of pipeline structures, which are necessary for fluid and gas regulation. Now, globe valves are recommended by experts because of its control and restricting abilities while passing the fluid.
  3. The structure of the globe valve is quite similar to a bulb but, it also comes along with a valve seat. Both the valve and valve seat has surfaces made up of the principal component cobalt and chromium, which acts as heat resistant. Its construction also has a section of the stuffing box, which is fixed to the spindle appropriately. Hence, this entire arrangement is very effective in providing leakage-proof pipeline maintenance in ships.
  4. If any kind of situation arises when the direction of the flow of fluid has to be changed, the globe valve is the most suitable product. It makes use of an angle valve, which is a unique mechanism to control the fluid during reverse flow.
  5. The globe valve can be categorized into two major types – screw-lift and screw down non return valves. So, if you observe the bilge systems in the shipping industry, it utilizes the screw down non-return globe valve. The main purpose of using this is to avoid back-flooding incidents in ships.
  6. Sometimes, there is a higher risk of damages in ships due to collision issues. Hence, this kind of situation can be avoided by fitting free lifting or non-return valves in bilge suction line compartments.

Some Area of Applications that Globe valves Perform:

Globe valves can find its utilization in various applications and doesn’t limit only to marine domains.

  • This can be used in water cooling systems, where valves are necessary for fluid flow regulation.
  • You can also purchase these valves for oil management equipment to feed the appropriate quantity for fuel.
  • Sometimes, globe valves are the ideal products to install in low-point drains and high-point vents. This way, it can maintain the flow of fluid during leakage or any flood like conditions.
  • You can also use globe valves in various systems that deal with condensed air extraction, drainage, turbine lube oil system, chemical, and water feeding equipment, etc.

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