Fire Safety Equipments Mariners Must Have On Board


Fire is one of the main leading cause of accidents on board. Though a lot has been explained in training and before going onboard, it is human nature to take few things lightly. Considering the fact that human errors occur and could lead to minor or serious injuries, shipping companies should be extra careful with fire safety equipment onboard and for their usages.

As a leading and responsible marine shipping equipment and accessory supplier, Safe Harbour provides a complete range of fire safety equipment required onboard. As all our products comply with the international marine safety standards, they ensure total security on the vessels.

Fire Extinguisher
Fire is one of the major causes of accidents on board. Therefore, it is mandatory for all ships to equip various types of fire extinguishers to handle different cases of fire. Small, portable extinguishers are very efficient in putting off any small-scale fire.

Fire Blanket
These are fire safety sheets made of fire retardant material. These are the primary device used with extinguishers to immediately suppress fire in a small area. They are non-flammable and can bear the temperatures as high as 900 degrees.

Fire Suits
Also called fire proximity suits, they are a must on every ship. These suits are worn by people diffusing the fire. Since the suits are made of heat-resistant material, they protect the body from the direct fire as well as the immense heat produced during the large fires.

Fire Helmet
Made with high-quality aluminum, brass, and nickel along with polymers and plastics, these safety helmets are must to safeguard your head during an accident. They are strong yet lightweight, therefore easy to wear and preventive against cinders, falling objects, and even smoke.

Breathing Equipment
Not only the flames but the smoke produced during the fire is life-threatening. It is important to have enough numbers of oxygen masks for a quick and short supply of oxygen.

Escape Sets
These escape sets are made of flame-retardant fabric. They are very useful to escape from toxic gases and flames while evacuating the ship.

No matter how careful the seafarers are, accidents can happen anytime. But with high-quality safety equipment, you can save the lives and the property to a greater extent. All you need to have are the equipment on board.