Hire Anchor Chain Suppliers in UAE


In the shipping industry, anchor chains play a vital role in securing the position of ships, boats and other marine equipment. Often, the vessels can experience some kind of problem in the middle of the sea or near the shore. Hence, to ensure that your ship can float on water with a stationary and stable position, anchoring it is essential. This is why consulting Anchor chain suppliers in UAE can be beneficial for suggesting the appropriate product.

When you are considering purchasing chain anchors for your ship, there are certain things to keep in mind. Hence, before hiring a professional agency for any anchoring solution, you should know the benefits and classification of anchor chains. Only then, you will be able to pick the best product for stabilizing your vessel, reduce shock during high water currents and more applications.

Why Anchor Chain is Preferable in Marine Industry and What are its Types?

Earlier, the owners used to prefer traditional anchor rope (nylon) to hold their ships at a stationary position. Although, this kind of ropes had many advantages like the high level of elasticity, stretching factor and shock absorption abilities. Still, it can’t stand the long-term exposure to water, chemicals, and UV radiation. This is why a majority of marine experts suggest anchoring chains instead of ropes from Anchor chain suppliers in UAE.

Advantages of Using Anchor Chains

The anchoring system is one of the most important aspects of the marine industry. You will find many chain suppliers who say it’s not mandatory to make use of chains in anchors. But, this is only valid for kayaks, boats or smaller marine equipment that can be anchored using low-grade anchors. Hence, you should be aware of the benefits of anchor chains before purchasing products from Anchor chain suppliers in UAE.

When you use a chain based anchor for your ship, it allows the vessel to become stable on the water. While connecting the chain to the anchor’s handle, it creates a downward pull for the marine equipment floating above.

Once set, anchor chains can help the rode to lie horizontally on the sea surface. Hence, there won’t be any risk of any upward movement or loosening of the anchor due to the chain attached to it. This is why many owners invest in anchor chains to secure their vessels.

Sometimes, anchors can get stuck below some hard surface or any other marine obstacle. So, by using an anchor chain, there is always a scope to try the breakaway release method and unstuck the anchor. This is also helpful in cases, where losing the anchor can pose a greater risk for the vessel.

Classification of Anchor Chains

In order to understand the type of anchor chain suitable for your ship or boat, try to understand the purpose behind anchoring it. Unless you have enough clarity on why you want to anchor your vessel, it’s pointless to think about anchor chains. So, anchors can be classified into temporary and permanent types.

When you want your vessel to remain at a specific location without any or rare movement, permanent anchor chains are needed. Under this category, you will find various products including Mushroom, Auger, Deadweight and High-Holding, etc. On the other hand, temporary anchors can be used when you need to stop the ship at multiple locations during the voyage. The types included in temporary anchors are Baldt, Stockless, Snug Stowing, Kedge Admiralty, etc. Now, based on whether you want a temporary or permanent anchoring solution, you can ask for products from Anchor chain suppliers in UAE.

Transport Chain

This type of anchor chain serve purposes like towing, logging and binding in vessels. Made from carbon steel (heat-treated), it complies with the marine transport regulations. However, you can’t use it in tasks like overhead lifting and can purchase the item as per foot. You may come across this product in terms of G7 or Grade-70 and offering a higher ratio for strength to weight. In comparison to High Test anchor chains, this particular chain provides 25% more strength.

High Test Chain

These chains are manufactured using carbon steel and offer high strength. Although you can’t use this for overhead lifting, it can be used for the same purpose as transport chains. You can even find the high test chains with both Gr 40 and Gr 43 specifications. The Grade 40 anchor chains are suitable for most windlasses and have comparatively smaller chain links than Grade 43. If you compare its design with the BBB chain, a high test product can handle twice the working load.

BBB Chain 

Sometimes, BBB can be referred to as Windlass and available as a short link chain. It comprises of low carbon steel and obeys the standards of a normal commercial quality anchor chain. BBB chains have pitch short uniform links that are suitable for working with gypsies. If you consult a certified anchor chain supplier, they will suggest you G4 chains for windlasses and not BBB chain.

Zinc Plated

Some marine equipment seller term this as ‘All-purpose chain’ in the industry. So, if you are using a boat with a lightweight and compact size, you can go for zinc-plated anchor chain. Otherwise, it is not recommended for typical anchors for large vessels or heavy boats. Even though the cost of this chain is affordable as compared to other anchor chains, you can’t use it for underwater usage. Since this product can begin to rust within a month of use and not preferable for big ships. In some emergency situations, you can use it for temporary anchors but not recommended over HDG chains.

Hot Dip Galvanized Chain

The HDG anchor chains are mostly preferred when you want a high corrosion resistant product for your ship. If you are looking for a replacement for stainless steel anchor chains, you can get this at a lower price.

There are many other advantages of anchor chains that can make your sailing experience smooth and secure. Hence, it’s better to get in touch with Anchor chain suppliers in UAE to collect more details about these products. These professionals can suggest the types of anchor chains available in the market along with its list of benefits. Moreover, you can describe the anchoring requirements and systems for your ships and ask them which chain to select.