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Valves in ships form an important part of the piping system to regulate or stop the flow of liquid. Marine valves can of different types to serve various functions. Besides valves, ropes are equally vital for boats and ships as well. Unlike valves, there are a few choices with regard to the selection of ropes. Mostly nylon, propylene, and nylon are used by mariners for their high quality and strength. This article is going to relate you to the different types of valves that you can easily install on your ship. But, you can obtain the latest information regarding valves and ropes from marine valves suppliers and marine rope suppliers respectively. Moreover, we can supply you with the best marine valve suppliers in Greece and marine rope suppliers in Greece.

Explore the Different Types of Valves to be Used on Ships

Ships ranging from passenger ships, cargo ships, fishing vessels to merchant ships require the following vessels. Hence, take a look below:


It is a valve joined to adjacent pipework by a compression coupling to close the internal passage. It uses an external lever to move the central plug for restricting the passage of water flow.

Globe Valve

It is a somewhat spherical valve that encloses both the valve disc and the valve seat. It is equipped with flanges at either side for connecting it to adjacent pipework and internal passages. These flanges operate the flow of liquid through the valve seat. The circular handwheel of the valve turns the spindle and adjusts the valve disc. The material for the valve seat and disc has a very hard stellite coating to enhance its durability. The inlet exists at a 90-degree angle to the exit flanges within the globe valves.

Non-return Valves

Non-return valves are also known as check valves are installed in pipelines to prevent the reverse flow of liquid that is, water. These type of valves come with valve discs that have wings to reset correctly when closed. Only liquids can operate the non-return valves that are arranged without spindles. Thus, you can neither operate or close them manually. Hence you will require a free lifting valve or a hinged flap in order to move these valves.

Gate Valve

A gate valve either let the liquid flow into or prevent it from flowing into the ship. You cannot use it for controlling the flow of liquid. When you open the gate valve the valve is raised to allow an internal passage for the liquid. Similarly, when you close the valve, the valve lowers down and closes the internal passage. Thus, it prevents the liquid from making its way into the ship. The spindle is located over the lower portion of the valve for raising or lowering down the gate. The gate inside gate valves runs parallel to a matching seat. Last but not least, larger gate valves have replaceable seat rings and gate facings.

Relief Valves

Relief valves are essential for avoiding excess pressure in pipe systems. A spring arrangement on the stem holds the valve disc in a closed state. You can even open the valve at appropriate water pressure by adjusting the spring compression. As a mariner, you should know that boiler safety valves are special cases of relief valves.

Quick Closing Valves

Quick closing valves can operate the oil tank suction valves from a remote location for rapid closing. You can use a manually operated wire or a hydraulic cylinder for collapsing the bridge, After that, the combined effects of gravity and internal spring close the valves simultaneously.

Butterfly Valve

It is a rotary stem valve along with a centrally hinged disc to control the water flow. The size of the valve shall match the dimension of the pipeline in order to perform its operation. The valve occupies little space and permits large flow rates of water both to and from the ship. These valves open into the pipeline itself and enable a minimum drop in pressure.

Valve Chests

Valve chests consist of a series of valves built into a single block to allow various arrangements of suction and discharge of liquid.

Criteria for the Selection of Marine Ropes:

Before you choose a marine rope, you need to assure that it has the following characteristic features.

  • The rope shall be light in weight in order to float in water.
  • It shall be easy to handle to reduce the requirement of the crew for your ship.
  • The rope needs to be durable and at the same time equally powerful as a steel wire rope.
  • It needs to be resistant to various chemicals, especially the ones which are found in seas and oceans.
  • It shall be flexible enough to serve multiple purposes.
  • It shall be able to withstand a lot of shock loads.
  • It shall possess elasticity so that it is stretchable as much as possible when required.
  • There shouldn’t be a drop in the strength of the rope while it is in water.
  • It shall provide high resistance to constant friction and erosion.
  • Make sure that the rope is compatible with the anchor of your ship.
  • The length and width of the rope shall match the size of the anchor and the capacity of your ship.

Benefits of Choosing Marine Rope Suppliers in Saudi:

Marine rope suppliers in Greece generally prefer these three categories of ropes.


Standard nylon is a great choice for most docking and anchor lines. It can bear a lot of loads and work under pressure. It is so durable that a replacement is required only after long years. It is easy to handle material and can stretch to a great extent. It offers resistant to erosion and abrasion. Both stranded and braised nylons are available in the market but braided nylon ropes are easier to use. Nylon ropes can hold back the ship to its place during severe weather conditions. Nylon ropes are inexpensive, and hence you can easily afford it for your vessel. Thus, consult with a marine rope supplier in Greece to purchase the best nylon ropes for the anchors of your ship.


Polypropylene rope is preferable as it can float in water. It is handy in nature and requires a lesser number of people to handle it. It is flexible but less resistant to the UV rays of the sun. It is less durable and stronger than nylon ropes. But, it will last for years if used properly and less exposed to sun rays.

Synthetic Ropes

The performance of your vessel depends upon the quality of the rope that you are using. Thus, you shall buy such a rope that can be repeatedly used for demanding jobs. Here the utility of synthetic ropes are for today’s mariners. The high-tech synthetic fibers are ten times stronger than steel with extremely low elasticity. Many mariners have switched to high-strength, lightweight, and low-stretch ropes as they offer several advantages. Unlike wires, ropes are not hard on your hands and gear.

Streamline the Best-in-Class Services at Budget Friendly Rates

Marine valves need to be maintained in good working condition in order to facilitate flawless operations. Moreover, periodical testing and lubrication of the valves are necessary for accordance with the PMS system requirements. Only a marine valve supplier can look after all these aspects of marine valves. He would also be able to weekly review all shipside valves to close and reopen them systematically. We identify and label all valves accurately to mitigate the risk of incorrect operations. Our experts would acquaint your marine staff regarding the correct usage of valves. Beside supplying marine valve suppliers in Greece, we offer world-class marine rope suppliers in Greece. They possess specialized knowledge about what types of ropes will be the best choice for your ships and boats. Therefore, end your search for the best and trustworthy suppliers in Greece and get in touch with us. To lodge your service request, dial our Customer Support Number +971553015052 or drop a mail at our Customer Support Email ID .