Learn Every Bit About Rubber Fenders in UAE


Tons of marine applications are out there that can be utilized with the help of rubber fenders. However, the primary purpose of the rubber fenders is to absorb the collision energy during the contact of docks and vessel after any voyage. Therefore, rubber fenders are also famous in the name of bumpers. There are so many facets of the rubber fenders in UAE and you should know all about them. Most of the massive sea vessels come with the embedded rubber fenders on its outer surface to protect it from the damages.

Some of these fenders are also installed on the docks for absorbing the collision energy that happens because of the contact between a vessel and the docks. It happens at the time of the berthing process of a vessel on a dock. Such rubber fenders on the docks help both the ship and the dock after their contact with each other. Whatsoever, rubber fenders have a lot to discuss on. That’s why we are here to inform you about every bit of the rubber fenders including the DD fenders.

A Brief Description on the Types of Rubber Fenders in UAE:

Amongst all the rubber fenders, solid ones have been in the industry for decades. They prove to be long-lasting and readily available for use. There are so many forms that the rubber fenders in UAE that come with. They include pneumatic type, SC-type, GD-type, SC-type, and other several rubber fenders to help you on your voyage at sea. Another notable type of fender is the DD fenders. So, let’s get into the detailed discussion on the various types of rubber fenders without delaying too much.

Pneumatic Rubber Fender

When it comes to getting the best and the leading anti-collision device for the marine application, one name always remains at the top, pneumatic rubber fender. These fenders play a very crucial role in different marine applications. They also act as the protective medium against the collision in ship-to-ship contacts and so in the other depending applications as well. These kinds of rubber fenders in the UAE can be a lot helpful not only when the ship is on the dock but also on the voyage.

The biggest advantage of these rubber fenders over the others is that they can easily absorb a massive amount of collision energy. During the time, there will be a very low unit surface acted on upon the ship that would be very hard to recognize. There are other uses of these fenders such as in rapid response operations, emergency fendering, and so many others. Tankers, gas carriers, and bulk cargo ships also need them in order to serve different purposes. They are available in different sizes and with a standard measure that has the ISO certification.

Super Cell Rubber Fenders

In the list of dependable and trustworthy rubber fenders, the super cell fenders come right after the pneumatic fenders to help you in your marine applications. They are also known as SC rubber fenders in UAE. There are so many intriguing features available with these types of rubber fenders. One of them is the low reaction force that has a very high capacity of energy absorption to handle large collisions.

The large circular base of the super cell fenders provides them great stability along with the capability of the highest power absorption that no fender has. For many wharves, this is always the first choice because of the good resistance against the sheer force and the low tilt compression performance that comes with it. A wide range of sizes is available for these types of rubber fenders. All of them should come with an ISO certification to ensure that you are not compromising with the quality.

Cone Rubber Fenders

Whichever agency you have approached for availing the best quality of rubber fenders, they should offer you with all of them available out there in the market. Cone rubber fenders should be another important item in their list of rubber fenders. Due to the technological evolution, these fenders have got the latest design to work with their full potential. A common facet of these cone rubber fenders is that they not only hold great energy absorption capability but also exhibit a very low amount of reaction force.

These rubber fenders are also known as the type CO fenders in the field of marine among its various applications. Because of the conical body shape, they can endure the severe shear external force applied to the fender or directly the vessel. There are high elasticity levels available with these type of rubber fenders in UAE that make them useful in different big port constructions. They can also take high-berthing angles without losing their efficiency and all of these happen because of the shape it comes with.

Wing Rubber Fenders

Being one of the most essential rubber fenders in the marine industry, there’s a lot to learn about the wing rubber fenders. They are nothing but an improved design that was derived from the original DD fenders that make them more useful than ever. With the help of such a design, the wing rubber fenders can be more stable and more durable than the others. You can find it in different kinds of boats, floating structures, and various marine assets. These fenders are commonly installed on the vessel itself or the quays to make it work on the overall protection.

It might not be popular as all the other fenders, but whatever job it does, it does them very well. In the general framework of wharves, these fenders also appear to be so much useful. From vessels to tugs and from quays to small-sized ferries, these fenders can help you in all those applications. This might be an optimum choice and a popular one also as it will work as a bumper for different marine applications. It can help you protect multiple marine assets during each and every force that the vessel needs to bear upon the contact. Especially, it proves to be more helpful against the quay wall.

Foam Filled Rubber Fenders

For different marine operations like the ship-to-ship or the ship-to-quay berthing operations, the foam filler fenders are used. Whenever there would be any kind of shortage of pneumatic fenders, these foam filled rubber fenders could be their alternative. So, this is another important type among all the rubber fenders in UAE. There are so many unique characteristics available with this kind of rubber fender. They come with high energy absorption capability and low reaction forces to make the collision wipe out its existence.

The foam filled rubber fenders are unsinkable even at the time when they are ruptured. They also come with a very high degree of wear resistance that makes it unique from all the other fenders in the market. They consist of a reinforced rubber nylon cord fabric along with the Polyurethane protective layer on the outside. The outer layer of the foam filled rubber fenders has an extremely low frictional resistance that helps them absorb the collision energy. The entire impact force is absorbed by the foam that stays inside the fender.

DD Fenders

Amidst all the rubber fenders, this one comes with its own and unique characteristics that make it more useful than the others. Usually, the DD fenders are one of the three D type fenders available in the market. The others are called DC and solid-D fenders. The DD comes with its inner hollow with a shape of D alphabet whereas the DC comes with another inner hollow with a shape of O alphabet. People use them in various applications in the field of marine such as smaller port walls, boats, ships, and so on.

Too many reasons are out there that make it quite an interesting choice to avail the DD fenders. Due to the long-term durability and the low cost, it is the favorite fender for many people in the marine industry. For the smaller wharves, this type of rubber fender can be a lot suitable and they can also be so appropriate on different quays. They can act as a great protective medium for multi-sized vessels on different berthing conditions. The most common applications of these fenders are tug boats, barges, small boats, marine work assets, fishing vessels, and the list goes on.

Cylindrical Type Rubber Fenders

Offering great versatility in order to accommodate different ships with different sizes is one of the most interesting characteristics features of the cylindrical fenders. This can be the right choice for the rubber fenders that you are looking for. There’s another unique feature or advantage that you can say, is that you can install it diagonally which all of the fenders fail to offer. You can use it in addition to the vertical and horizontal fitting as per your requirement.

These fenders act as one of the most effective solutions to berth a lot of ships with different sizes. The progressive load deflection of the cylindrical rubber fenders in UAE allows them to gradually increase the absorption capability of the collision energy. Along with it, the reaction forces also take up or down depending on the conditions of the collision. With the rated load deflection, the reaction force is exhibited. These are the reasons that hold the responsibility to make these fenders suitable for different applications.

To Sum Up

Well, these are the types of rubber fenders in UAE that you can avail for your voyage at sea. This is the place where we have to end our discussion on the rubber fenders. But, we hope that you could gather sufficient knowledge about the rubber fenders with the help of this post. Throughout the post, we have discussed every bit of the rubber fenders that you might require. You should have known them very well by now. Hope, it was able to help you find your answer for the query you made earlier. Thank you.