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Pilot ladder

Safe Harbourship is one of the leading companies in the production of shipping equipment and services in the UAE and is not only restricted to that but are the colonizers of Korea, Greece, Oman, Egypt, Singapore, Srilanka, India, Saudi, Brunei, Kuwait, and many African countries. We are involved in the production of the most useful marine products that are huge in demand, including measuring instruments, hand tools, Pilot ladder, marine paints, cutting tools, ropes and hawsers, cargo decks and equipment, and power tools. We provide every possible equipment as per the need of the client and we always try to cope up with their demands by assuring an onsight delivery of the product at the given time, and affordable prices.


There are several methods and equipment applied since time immemorial to protect the ship from the pirates, one such equipment is razor wire, which is the most common method to create a barrier against the sea to for preventing the pirates by making the safety rails more difficult for them to climb. This barbed tape is applied to tear the clothes or flesh of the pirates who try to reach over the ship easily.

Our company also provides various kinds of rubber fenders for protection from any collision, the lead function of rubber fenders is to absorb the collision energy that occurs during the contact between docks and vessels. Solid rubber fenders are the most used rubber fenders in the marine industry because they are instantly available and long-lasting.

razor wire

If you are looking for the same services or products for your ship or any other marine vehicle, kindly visit our website to learn more about these products and services in detail. You can also get in touch with our customer care which is available round the clock to solve all your issues regarding the products that we have not discussed here.


If you are looking for the best company regarding marine equipment, then Safe Harbour should be on your priority list. Our services are not only affordable but have low maintenance. Our company also provides a range of rubber fenders, which are designed to protect the ship, including GD-Type, SC-Type, Wing rubber fender, Cone rubber fender, Foam Filled Rubber Fender, Cylindrical Type Rubber Fender, Pneumatic Rubber Fender, and several other rubber fenders which protect your voyage from any collision.


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