Safe Harbour Ship – Marine Shipping Equipment and accessories supplier in UAE


Spare parts are essential commodities in a mechanism life whether the machine is big or small, movable or immovable. Once the original part gets teary, it needs to be replaced so as to keep the machine keep going. Thus, Safe Harbour provides lifeline between the ship’s owner and the manufacturer. Safe Harbour is one of the marine supplier’s companies based in UAE that supply all kind of spare parts and accessories related to the marine industry. Safe Harbour carter to ship’s and boat’s wear and tear that embark near the ports of UAE. Safe Harbour distributes marine equipment, marine spare parts, accessories, technologies and solutions with an extensive line of the product range for each segment. Safe Harbour also delivers these marine spare parts and accessories to and fro the neighboring countries such as Oman, Saudi, Kuwait, and other far nations such as Greece, Singapore, Korea, SriLanka, India and Brunei.
Safe Harbour focuses entirely on serving our customers with high-quality assurance and also enlightens them with safety precautions. Furthermore, it assures its stakeholders in providing high-end qualitative product, efficient services and values to enable a long-term partnership with each and every stakeholder. They have a team of well-trained employees in various departments that allow the Safe Harbor to work in harmony and tandem.
The extensive variety of products range are mainly categorized into 3 categories, namely,

• Spare Parts and Accessories for Cabin Stores
Some of the spare parts and accessories available in this category include Catering Equipment, Gallery Equipment, Medical Equipment and supplies, and Bathroom Equipment.

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• Spare Parts and Accessories for Deck Stores
Some of the spare parts and accessories available in this category include Cargo & Deck Equipment, Anchor Chain, Safety Equipment, Nautical Equipment, Bridge Equipment, and Safety & Fire-Fighting Equipment.

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• Spare Parts and Accessories for Engine Stores
Some of the spare parts and accessories available in this category include Measuring Instruments, Cutting Tools, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Valves Fitting Electrical Equipment, Welding Equipment, Lubricants, Chemicals, Solvents and Cleaners spare parts.

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