Safety Equipment in Dubai: Make your Property and Lives Risk-Free


Safety Equipment in DubaiFire is so dangerous that it can ruin your business, property, and life as well. Therefore, it is advisable to take precautionary measures to prevent fire. But, these measures might not work always and as a result lead to a fire. Hence you will have to be aware of the fire safety equipment in order to prevent fire successfully. Fire safety equipment is generally classified on the basis of the types of fire and the material that is acting as a catalyst. The type of fire depends on its source and hence each of the fire safety equipment is designed specifically. Fire on ships can be more fatal and lead to a severe loss of lives an property.

Therefore, we have discussed those pieces of equipment which is necessary to include in a fire protection system. We have emphasized the safety equipment in Dubai with respect to marine transportation due to the high rate of risk involved. Fire safety equipment suppliers can better guide you regarding the type of equipment you can have in your ship.

Why Is It Mandatory to Have Safety Equipment in Dubai?

Fire can occur at any time and any place and from various sources. Oil spills are one of the most common causes of fires on ships. It is imperative to mitigate the risk of fires by keeping the fuel and oil system under inspection. It seems to be more difficult on engine ships than steam turbines. It is not possible for anyone to do constant vigilance against leaking of oil from pipes. As a result, proper safety equipment becomes essential. Furthermore, the repair is a common practice in engine rooms of ships.

Either welding or brazing is the only way to repair something on ships. Both are potential fire hazards, especially while welding metal rods. Hence you need to install safety equipment in the engine room of the ship. At least, lay a fire blanket under the welding or brazing component. Apart from this, short circuits from high volt electric system can come in contact with the inflammable materials. Then it can turn out to be an explosive fire within seconds. Air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, and other luxuries work with AC current and cause fires. Similarly, damages to plugs and outlets due to corrosion, damage, dirt, and moisture might lead to heat buildups and fires. Finally, fire can occur while cooking as well. So, it is always important to take safety measures and stay away from danger.

Know the Correct Safety Equipment in Dubai

Have a look at the safety equipment to ensure that you, your property, and the other members of your ship are not at risk.

Fire ExtinguishersFire Extinguishers

This particular equipment can be great for handling small fires before they spread and get out of control. We have divided fire extinguishers into five types based on the nature of fire.

Class A-It is one of the most speedy ways to fight fires on ships. These extinguishers can be classified into various classes for dealing with different types of fire. The class A fire extinguishers can handle fires resulting from burning of woods, furnishing, upholstery, and glass fiber.

Class B-Class B extinguishers can combat fires resulting from fluids like fuels, lubricating oils, cooking oil, paint, etc.

Class C-Class C portable fire extinguishers are effective for putting off fires resulting from motors, switches, and more.

Class D-On the other hand, class D extinguishers are the perfect choice for fires generated from magnesium, aluminum, and other such combustible materials. This category includes dry powder extinguishers as the fires might become great coming into contact with water, air, carbon dioxide, etc. Dry fire extinguishers isolate the oxygen from the fuel and eliminate the heat factor to put off the fire.

Class E-Class E fire extinguishers can fight against fires resulting from electricity and any of the other materials mentioned above.

Fire extinguishers can be broadly classified into two categories:

  • Portable fire extinguisher- It is also popular as plunger type fire extinguisher because of its plunger mechanism that releases the extinguishing agent. These types of extinguishers can again be classified into soda acid fire extinguisher, water extinguisher, foam extinguisher, carbon dioxide extinguisher, and dry powder extinguisher.
  • Semi-portable fire extinguisher- The semi-portable fire extinguishers are weightier and have more capacity in extinguishing fires. It is the next best alternative when portable fire extinguisher fails to stop the fire exposure. Being heavier, it has a wheel-trolley arrangement for dragging it to the location of a fire. Semi-portable foam fire extinguisher and semi-portable DCP type fire extinguishers are available in the market. Generally, these extinguishers are kept on board in those locations that have higher chances of fires. For instance, you can place it near the boiler and incinerator in the engine room.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are very powerful to fight flames caused by cooking oils and fats. It is natural to install fire blankets in kitchen environments where the chance of fires is the maximum.

Pneumatic FendersPneumatic Fenders

Since its inception, the Yokohama pneumatic fender has been used in rubber aircraft fuel tanks and automotive tires. Due to their quality and the performance they offer, is the main reason why people have been using them in different ship-to-ship operations, ports, and multiple terminals. The requirements of LNG are continuously developing in different aspects.

As per the safe operations are concerned, fenders always play the most crucial role among all the marine safety equipment in Dubai. The Yokohama fenders come with the capability to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions while you are at the voyage. With superior products, they always contribute to the offshore industry the best ones to help you.

Fire Hose Reels and NozzlesFire Hose Reels and Nozzles

Fire hose reels are ideal for extinguishing fires fueled by paper, wood, rubber and other non-conductive materials. Remember that this safety equipment cannot work for electrical fires. Merchant ships usually keep fire hose of 10 meters in length and nozzles of 12, 16 or 19 meters in diameter. Fire hoses are connected to fire hydrants from which you can control the water supply for extinguishing fires.  



Standard signage is necessary to accompany all fire equipment for helping users in identifying the location of fires and the type of equipment to be used. A different range of regulations comes into effect when it comes to fire safety signage.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are the fire safety equipment that can detect the occurrence of fires. These smoke detectors can help you in preventing a great disaster. Smoke alarms warn you when you are sleeping or busy at work and hence you get enough time to take the required action. Moreover, they provide life-saving warnings when the fire generates odorless gases. As a result, you can escape from that particular place before you are trapped by a fire. There are inexpensive battery-operated smoke alarms in the market for detecting flaming fires more readily. Photoelectric smoke alarms are costlier than ionization smoke alarms but detect slow smoldering fires better.

Remote Shut and Stop System

All fuel lines from fuel oil and diesel tanks shall be equipped with a remote shutter and stop system. The quick closing valves stop the machinery like fuel pumps, boiler, purifier, ventilation fans on an event of a fire.

Inert Gas System and Sprinkler System

Inert gas contains insufficient oxygen to suppress the combustion of flammable hydrocarbon gases. The inert gas system increases the lower explosion limit by spreading the inert gas over the oil cargo hydrocarbon mixture. Along with this, the inert gas system decreases the higher explosion limit so that the hydrocarbon vapors cannot burn. 5% is the safety limit for the inert gas to prevent a fire. The sprinkler system contains a modern type of water nozzles to supply a fine mist of water.  You can install this system in various areas of the engine room. You can operate it either automatically or with the help of an engineer. The sprinkler system runs the water pump and opens the compressed air supply to dissipate the smoke. As it cuts down the supply of oxygen, the fire automatically comes under control.

Wrapping Up

Safety is always a good measure and hence it is essential to have a fire fighting equipment beforehand. You can always approach a reliable safety equipment supplier to know more about the specifications and functions of various safety equipment. Remember that no one except a safety equipment professional can assist you regarding the selection of safety equipment in Dubai. So, install proper safety equipment without further delay and make your journey a safe one.