Saudi Arabia’s maritime sector becomes a regional logistics hub


Saudi Arabia’s maritime industry is helping the country to have a stable logistic sector. Read more to know more about the changing trends in regional and international logistics using marine industry.


Saudi Arabia’s marine industry has been changing rapidly making the country a regional logistic hub and an international participant in global trade. Various companies have come together to work jointly to explore mutual business opportunities. The decision was taken in 2019 Saudi Maritime Congress in Riyadh. Many decisions on maritime logistics and shipping sector were taken during the congress.


Saudi Arabia is on a key location in the international trade route. Saudi Arabia has an advantage in the marine industry as it overlooks the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. The King Abdullah Port Project, which drew an investment of 40 billion royals, is now contributing to increasing the Saudi exports to more than 600 billion riyals by 2030. After a year of congress, the decisions have gained momentum and the vision of 2030 is largely depending on maritime logistics. For the maritime industry to flourish and grow, it is important that all pillars supporting the industry needs to be firm and innovative. Maritronics, a leading maritime service provider in Saudi Arabia is all prepared to offer its whole support in helping the marine industry to take 25th global position in Logistic performance index.


King Abdullah Port is the first port that is fully owned and operated by the private sector. The port is known for its container handling capacity and is listed as one of world’s largest port. The Saudi government has recognized the importance of the maritime industry to expand its regional as well as international logistic services in the state. Saudi Arabia is now one of the main destinations for maritime activities and is on the path of becoming a complete logistic hub.


All the development in the maritime sector is enhancing the logistic services of the country making it reach better logistic position. Safe Harbour Ship is doing their part by helping the industry with innovative technology and equipment supply to support on/offshore marine business.