Cleaning Materials

Some Essential Items You Should Have In The Cabin Store Of Your Ship


Did you ever traveled on ships and wondered how everything you need is available there? Right from any mechanical item to any day-to-day life essential. May it be Welding machines or equipment, shower accessories, or Cleaning Materials, they have everything, and every material you may possibly need in any given situation. This is made possible because ships have different types of specified stores in them which are separate individual stores for particular materials.

There are three types of stores – Cabin, Deck, and Engine store on a ship. Each of these stores has different materials based on which they are distinguished into three types. In this blog post, we will discuss only one of the stores on the ship and what accessories or materials are available over there. We will look at Cabin Stores’ availabilities.

What are Cabin Stores?

Cabin stores in ships are stores in which a full range of things ranging from textiles and linens to tableware and galley equipment in a variety of formats are stored. Taking care of all cleaning and catering needs on a ship is critical to keeping the crew and kitchen equipment healthy. All of the products that are given are eco-friendly.

Cabin Stores have the materials of kitchen, dining, hygiene, bathrooms, hardware, medical, stationery, security, cleaning, clothing, etc. These materials are used by the crew when ships are sailing for over more than 2 days. But most of the time these materials are essential for the travelers and passengers traveling by the means of marine transportation.

Cleaning Materials

Let’s look into a few of the materials stores in the Cabin store:

  1. Hardware / Welding equipment:

Hardware pieces of equipment are used during any mechanical need. To fulfill this need, Cabin stores have storage of hardware equipment such as Welding Equipment Welding Machines, bolts, brackets, catches, chains, door & hatch clips, door closers & stays, handles, hinges, hooks, locks, tool bags, ventilators, window & porthole frames, and some other general hardware.

  1. Cleaning Materials:

Cleanliness while transporting keeps the journey pleasant and fresh. It brings comfort even when you’re in the middle of the ocean. Therefore, cleaning materials for the ship and the personal cleanliness of people on ships are stored in Cabin stores. Some of those materials are – air fresheners, skin creams, soaps, lotions, bleaches, carpets, mats, sponges, rags, detergents, disinfectants, floor care, hand washing systems, rodent pest control, toilet cleaners, vermin control, etc.

  1. Shower accessories / Bathroom equipment:

All kinds of bathroom equipment are made available in cabin stores. When traveling by any means of transport, especially on a ship, good hygiene must be maintained sanitary, and cleanliness. That’s why bathroom types of equipment are stored in cabin stores. Shower accessories and sanitary hygiene products or materials are stored here. Some of these products are – basins, washbasin fittings, fountains, pipe connectors, toilets, showers, sink fitting, urinals, plumbing lubricants, trans vac downpipe, adhesives, etc.

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