marine companies in Sharjah

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marine companies in Sharjah

Have you ever been on a sea Journey? Yeah! It is adventurous as hell, but you know what, adventures carry dangers by their side. So better to take precautions before you plan any such journey. Finding safe marine products can be a challenging task to go for, but no more with Safe Harbourship. Our company Safe Harbourship is one of the leading marine companies in Sharjah which offer a range of products for the safety of your ship, such as –

Breathing apparatus, Escape sets, escape hoods, emergency communications, face masks and filters, Escape set, Cyalume light sticks, Alcohol, drug testing, etc.


We provide all kinds of specialized equipment as per the customer, without letting them worry about the quality standard, which the client is looking for. Our reputed clients from all over UAE or other countries mentioned above are fully satisfied with the work we provide. This is the only reason why our company is one of the well-known exporters and traders of marine spare parts in all given countries.


The parts provided by our company are quite beneficial for you as they can be favorable in times of any serious trouble occurring in the ship and they are most needed. Marine equipment helps you from various kinds of hazards. These products are quite helpful in saving your time and money once you start taking care of them.

It can be challenging to consider whether to buy new equipment or get the old one repaired, but it is quite obvious that repairing the old one can be expensive as compared to the new one. Hence, for your long-term safety, you should invest in these products otherwise, your journey can also be a life-taking one if you use those old damaged parts. Some parts that are delivered by our company include Gaskets, valve 10k, part cleaners for engine parts, shell bearings, fuel injection piping, antislip safety covers, and pumps.



If you are interested in any of our services that we have already mentioned above, kindly contact our customer care, which is available round the clock to help you with further details of the product and services without leaving any doubt for you.


The main aim of our company is to deliver high-quality security to our customers, supply them with all safety measures, efficient services like Welding Equipment, Welding Machines, and high-quality products for maintaining a long-term partnership with every client. Our company has a team of well trained and skilled employees which let them do work in harmony. We also provide charts and publications for your help.