Marine Spare Parts Suppliers in the UAE: The One Stop Solution for Your Vessel


Marine Spare Parts Suppliers in the UAE

Equipment and machinery can become obsolete at any time due to a breakdown. Thus, it is always essential to make a provision of spare parts to replace one or more damaged parts of a machine. Therefore, you need to connect with marine spare parts suppliers in the UAE for having quality substitutes for your machine and equipment.

Know the Importance of Marine Spare Parts:

It is important to arrange spare parts on your vessel for the following reasons. Hence, take a look below.


Having spare parts on hand allows you to continue your operations even after a major breakdown. In this way, you can even avoid wastage of time by waiting for the replacing parts to come.

Cost Effectiveness

Spare parts might be expensive at the time of initial purchase but are cheaper than repairing the damaged parts. Thus, this one-time investment will be beneficial for an extended period. So, when a breakdown occurs, you don’t have to shut down the machine until the arrival of the new parts arrive. Sometimes lack of spare parts may stop the operation of your entire vessel. As a result, the indirect cost for the idle vessel mounts until the damaged parts are replaced. Moreover, it is a serious issue if the vessel is in the middle of your journey in the sea. Accidents, loss of lives, and properties can result in critical situations. Hence, spare parts are cost saving in this sense.

List of Essential Marine Spare Parts:

Every vessel irrespective of its size should account for the following spare parts:

Main Bearings or Shell

Main bearings or shells is a critical spare part as the engine becomes inoperable if one of these units becomes obsolete. Still, if you continue to run your vessel with damaged bearings, then it might lead to the permanent failure of the moving parts as well. Hence, you shall make a provision for at least one bearing or shell in your vessel.


It is recommended to carry one set of piston rings for each cylinder available in your ship along with this, one set of telescope cooling pipes is necessary for one cylinder unit. Crosshead type of pistons needs to be fitted with the piston rod, studs, nuts, stuffing box, rings, and skirt. Apart from this, you shall have all types of trunk pistons containing nuts, rings, skirt, studs, and a connecting rod. If there are camshaft drives on your vessel, then keep a chain repair kit ready to restore the operation of the engine during failures.

Scavenging System

One set of scavenging system shall consist of suction and delivery valves for one pump. The scavenge blowers shall combine rotors, bearings, gear wheels, nozzle rings, and rotor shafts.

Fuel Injection Piping and Pumps

For marine transportation, you require high-pressure fuel pipes of different sizes and shapes. Furthermore, the fuel injection pipes need to be completed with couplings. One set of fuel injection pumps along with a complete set of working parts can help you during emergencies.

Gaskets and Packings

Gaskets and packings of various sizes need to be fitted for both cylinder covers and cylinder liners. It is better to have large a minimum of one sized cylinder lubricator along with a chain drive or gear wheel.

Part Cleaners for Engine Parts and Machinery

The engine is an important part of every vehicle which needs to be maintained under proper condition. Thus, you need to arrange for engine spare parts, cylinder covers, pump parts, filters, and more. Have one largest sized cylinder lubricator that consists of a chain drive and gear wheel.

Anti-slip Safety Covers

Anti-slip safety covers need to be present on all types of ships and oil rigs for decks, walkways, and ladder rungs. These are hi-traction covers which act as slip prevention in the most hazardous and wet conditions at sea and in the port itself.


One full set of cylinder assembly is necessary to combine valves, joint rings, and gaskets. Exhaust valves are crucial spare parts containing springs, casings, seat, and other fittings important for a single cylinder. It is important to have two sets of exhaust valves avoid problems if the fuel system fails to function. When the ship is present at port, regular inspection is not possible for the proper functioning of the fuel system.

Hence it is wise to keep an arrangement for two sets of exhaust valves at least. Along with this, it is desirable to have one set of air inlet valves that do not deal with higher temperatures. It is recommended having a single set of air valves which can be overhauled if a problem arises when the vessel is at sea. Furthermore, one set of relief valve can be useful in replacing the damaged leaky valve. Finally, the availability of fuel injection valves shall be proportionate to the number of units on the engine.

Connecting Rod Bearings

Bottom end bearings are critical spares as end bearings. Hence it is ideal to have bottom end bearings of different types and sizes fitted to your ship. The same goes for top end bearings that consist of shims, bolts, and nuts for each cylinder.

Here, ends the list of marine spare parts that is essential to carry on all types of boats and ships especially if it is a merchant ship. Therefore, start looking for a reliable marine spare parts supplier in the UAE who can provide you with the best quality parts that will live long. Thus, you can reduce the cost of replacing the spare parts frequently and navigate peacefully through waters.