Type Of Navigation Lights


Navigation Lights are one of the most important safety systems on the boat. Navigation Lights are mainly useful between sunset and sunrise, or areas with restricted visibility like rain or fogs. These would display appropriate lights in the area so that boats could easily see reach the destination without any collision. Navigation lights mainly included with the Red and Green sidelights. It mainly indicates the port as well as the starboard side of the boat. One or more white lights are installed for increasing better visibility. Apart from this, having a flashlight onboard is quite important for navigation in case of an emergency.

Factors To Be Considered:

In a boat, the Navigation Lights is quite an important safety element. When buying the Navigation Lights, choosing the right one would be a more significant option. Various factors are involved in installing the Navigation Lights, so choosing the right one is quite important.

  • Whether the boat is powered by the engine
  • Where you are boating – international waters or inland
  • Whether you at anchor
  • Length of your boat

Considering all these factors, choosing the navigation lights gives safe navigation. While purchasing the new boat, it is also necessary to check on the red lights for safe, boating, and legal.

Types Of Navigation Lights:

The Navigation Lights are mainly useful for preventing collisions during the night where there is reduced visibility. Navigation Light is the most important tool that keeps the vessel much safer. These lights also give you a better option for seeing the nearby vessels, objects, and others in a much clear way. Below are the types of Navigation Lights that need to be installed on the boat.


Sidelights involve both the Red and Green lights. These combinations of lights mainly increase the visibility of the vessel approaching from head-on or side. The red light indicates the vessel port is the left side. The Green light indicates that the vessel starboard side.


Stern lights are the white light mainly seen from behind or even by the behind the vessels. These kinds of Sternlight give more options for the other vessels to have visibility on your boat.

Masthead Light:

the white light shines on the front and both sides While navigation. It is also mainly required to enable power-driven vessels. Masthead lights are equipped in all the vessels under the engine power. When there is an absence of the light, it would indicate the sailing vessel as the sailboat under the sail displays the sunlight and sidelights.

All-Round White Light:

All-Round White Light is mainly used with the combination of sunlight and masthead light that gives the single white light mainly seen by vessels. Power-driven vessels having less than 39.4 feet in length installs this light for the maximum efficiency. This light also serves as the anchor lights where the sidelights are extinguished.

Diving Lights:

This Light display could be widely seen on the water having the reefs or wrecks. These mainly have the night diving configuration. It is equipped with the three vertical masthead lights, such as the red-white-red sequence. They are maintaining a good distance of the vessel as the diver would be getting near it.

Navigation Lights At Anchor:

The boat anchored not at the designated anchoring area, such as a marina, or any other place needs to have precautions. It is important to make sure that the boat is anchored with the proper light systems. Therefore, it is visible to the other boats running nearby. Anchor lights are the mainly suitable option for ensuring the safety of other boats while you are anchoring.

Special Significance Of Navigation Lights:

Apart from the regular red, white, and green running lights, most of the boats also equipped with the combination of the red, white as well as green Mast Lights. These combinations have higher efficiency compared to all other running lights. Ships with the anchor display have one or two white anchor lights based on the size and length of the vessel. Therefore it would be seen from all the directions. When 2 lights are shown forward, then it denotes the boats on the run.  The primary function of navigation lights on the boats and ships are to prevent the major accident from happening. Every boat is required to have night lights for navigation systems.

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