Types Of Marine Fender


Type Of Marine Fender

Fenders in marine are the types of equipment useful for protecting the ships, boats, and vessels against the docks and piers. The Marine Fenders are called as the Marine Bumpers, which helps the significance importance on preventing damages on the vessel and surface. Fenders mainly absorb the Kinetic energy of the boat or the vessel when contact with other vessels or quay. Fenders are widely used in all types of vessels, from ferries, cruise ships, cargo ships, personal yachts, and more. Fenders are equipped so that the structure of vessels gets protected when there is a collision. Fenders are also used in the offshore terminals, oil and LNG platforms, container berths, and many others.

Why Are Marine Fenders Used?

Marine Fenders offer high performance and durability in protecting the vessel from a collision with the pier or dock. Appropriate marine fenders are equipped for providing the sheer resistance with sturdiness. Therefore, it has the capacity to absorb the energy from a different direction. On a voyage, the vessel needs to approach the port for loading and to unload the commodities or crew. In this process, there is a definite chance of collision with a high amount of energy gets transferred, which could cause damage to the vessel and the crew. Marine fenders are helpful for preventing the head or hull of the vessel into colliding on other water bodies.

  • Marine fenders are made up of high-performance materials
  • Requires no or little maintenance
  • Serves all working demands
  • Prevails environmental conditions
  • Highly durable

What Are The Types Of Marine Fenders?

Marine Fenders are mainly manufactured from the Rubber, Plastic, or Foam Elastomer materials. Based on these materials, different types of Marine Fenders are designed and fitted on the vessel.

Rubber Fenders:

Rubber Fenders are mainly developed for a wide number of applications.  Rubber Fenders reduce the impact on collision between the vessel and dock. Compared to the other types of Fenders, Rubber Fenders have high market demand. Below are the types of Rubber Fenders designed

  • Slide-In Slide Out Fenders – The SISO Fenders or Slide in Slide Out Fenders is designed with the frontal frame for wearing the pads to fasten the bolts. Sliding panels are easier to remove from the guide rails. It also replaces the spare panels.
  • Super Cone Fenders – The Super Cone Fenders are amazing rubber fenders that keep stabilizing in high compression angles. It provides optimum performance with better resistance to over-compression. It stabilizes the impact on the docks.
  • SCK Cell Fenders – The SCK Cell Fenders are quite popular Marine equipment. It is mainly designed for higher performance with great strength. Cell Fenders are available based on various size range and supports the large panels.
  • Arch Fenders – The Arch Fenders are useful for providing assistance on the Cylindrical Fender. Arch Fenders are mainly useful for the small and mid-ranged ships and boats.
  • Corner Arch Fenders – The Corner Arch Fenders are used for the protection on the corners of the Harbors. These are much easier to install and quite reliable on shear resistance.
  • Leg Fenders – The Leg Fenders are modular design, and it does not require much maintenance. The Leg Fenders are quite easier to install and suitable for limited space mountings.
  • Cylindrical Fenders – Cylindrical Fenders are common fender systems used for all the types of ships and marine boats. These are also much more economical for fitting. Cylindrical Fenders are available in various categories such as
  • Large Cylindrical Fenders
  • Small Cylindrical Fenders
  • Intermediate Cylindrical Fenders

Composite Fenders (Rubbylene):

Composite Fenders are made with the composite rubber compounds for providing the maximum resilience on vessels. It is made with tough materials on a low coefficient of friction. Composite Fenders have maximum resistance and withstand wear and tear.

  • Pneumatic Fenders – The Pneumatic Fenders are suitable for the inter ship dealings. Deployment of these Fenders is robust and easy. Pneumatic fenders minimize the risk of damage with safeguarding cargo and people. Five types of Pneumatic Fenders are
  • Chain-tire net (CTN) pneumatic fenders
  • Low-pressure pneumatic fenders
  • Sling type fenders
  • hydro-pneumatic fenders
  • Marine Fender Bars – The bar fenders are made with high-performance tough bars so that it could withstand higher impact resistance. It also mainly has higher flexibility on application.

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