Top 8 Ways to Use a Fire Blanket for Best Results in No Time


Ways to Use a Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are nonflammable items for putting off the fire by reducing the supply of oxygen that acts as a fuel for the fire. These safety items can fight temperatures up to 900 degrees F or 482 degrees C. Fire blankets are great ways to prevent major accidents at your home as well as workplace. Along with fire extinguishers, these flame retardant blankets should be readily available at your home and workplace. Moreover, fire blankets help to avoid burns during the evacuation of a burning building. The material of fire blankets is extremely heat resistant so that it can deny the supply of oxygen. As a result, it stops the occurrence of small fires so that it doesn’t get out of control. Thus, it is essential to know the use of fire blankets so that you can use it properly and at the right time.

Benefits of Using a Fire Blanket:

It is important to use a fire blanket for the following reasons. To know them, take a thorough look at the points given below.

Easy to Apply

Fire blankets are light in weight and are easy to use for anyone. You can easily place the fire blanket over the fire and extinguish it in no time.

Can Extinguish Any Type of Fire

Unlike fire extinguisher fire blankets can put out all types of fire regardless of it being a small or a dangerous one. But, fire extinguishers are required to fight uncontrollable fires. It serves as an effective catalyst for saving someone from a fire. Fire blankets are an excellent substitute for pouring water on fire.

No Maintenance

Fire blankets do not require maintenance and can be used without using any chemicals for extinguishing fires. Only you need to ensure that no object is acting as a barrier between the fire blanket and fire.

Not Expensive

Fire blankets are economic ways of putting out a fire in comparison with other fire extinguishing methods available.

Incredibly Versatile and Replaceable

Fire blankets can be used in any environment such as your kitchen, warehouse, or home. Moreover, it is easy to replace a fire blanket with a new one without bearing any cost of installation or construction.

Top 8 Ways to Use a Fire Blanket Optimally:

We have clearly explained the application of fire blanket in these simple eights ways.

  1. Putting Out a Fire

Fire blankets are generally stored in small bags with white tabs that need to be pulled down in order to release the blanket during an emergency. Roll the corners of the blanket to cover your hands and protect them from flames. Then place the blanket and lay it gently over the fire. Otherwise, the flames might creep up over the blanket and worsen the situation even more. If the fire is caused by a heat source such as an oven or stove burner, then turn it off immediately. Some amount of smoke will run through the blanket if it is able to put off the fire. Hence, do not worry by thinking these flames as a sign of the burning blanket. Keep the blanket at the spot of fire for 15 minutes at least to extinguish the fire completely. After extinguishing the fire, let the blanket cool down.

  1. Extinguish a Clothes Fire

If someone’s clothes are burning, then wrap the person with a fire blanket. Then roll the person in the blanket and ask him/her to roll his/her body on the ground. This process is going to diminish the fire very quickly.

  1. Kitchen and Grease Fires

Some specifically designed blankets are intended to extinguish kitchen fire only. Generally, woolen blankets are preferred for extinguishing kitchen or grease fires. Make sure that you have enough ire blankets for handling a kitchen or grease fire. Besides this ensure that you have kept the fire blanket at an easy to reach place so that it is accessible in the event of a grease fire on the stove. Do not make the mistake of placing the fire blanket above a stove or indoor grill.

  1. Exiting a Building or Room on Fire

If a building has caught fire, then the fire blanket can be used to protect the persons living inside it. You can even use a fire blanket for covering up your important things, furniture, and so on.

  1. Electrical Fires or Indoor Fires

Electrical fires take place due to poor wiring or overheated cords. Sometimes, a fire might burst out from frayed cords or cords of old heaters. Woolen fire blankets are versatile for handling both electrical and indoor fires. You can’t use a fire extinguisher instantly without knowing how to apply it. Though there are certain guidelines for using a fire blanket, it’s easier to use a fire blanket when everybody is in panic. Thus, it is far better to use a fire blanket instead of a fire extinguisher during emergencies. You can place the wool blanket over the fires to put out small flames at your home. If you want to cover the whole room with a fire blanket, then choose a blanket that is large enough.

  1. Vehicle Accidents or Outdoor Fires

Accidents of vehicles often lead to a fire. In such situations, you can use a fire blanket to prevent it from reaching the gas tank. Outdoor fires usually arise from grills, fire pits or candles. Large fire blankets are necessary to handle the fire and prevent it from getting out of control.

  1. Workplace and Industry

Fire extinguishers are appropriate fire safety measures at the workplace but fire blanket is an added advantage. Fire blankets are the best option for controlling fires. High-temperature resistant fabric such as fiberglass is useful for extinguishing fires at industries and laboratories. Heavy duty blankets that are large in size are most appropriate for putting out a fire in industries and laboratories.

  1. Caring for a Fire Blanket

Store the fire blanket in an easily accessible location and a quick release container to get hold of the blanket instantly. Since fire mostly breaks out in kitchens, it is wise to store fire blankets in the kitchen. Fire blankets are not meant for reuse, so dispose of the blanket after using it for once. Do not touch the fire blanket until it comes to room temperature after extinguishing the fire. Even if you feel, then douse the fire blanket in water for a couple of minutes before its disposal.

Note: The sooner you will get access to the fire blanket, the lesser time you will require to extinguish the fire. Furthermore, replace the fire blanket as soon as possible as an emergency can occur at any time.

Top Five Brands of Fire Blankets:

Fire blankets of the following brands have become quite popular for residences as well as workplaces. Know them appropriately making its proper usage.

Hot Headz Fire Blanket

It is a portable product when the fire extinguisher is not handy to use on fires. It is the best fire blanket to deal with flames. Moreover, it is effective to deal with emergencies inside a room.

The only drawback it has is fiberglass construction causes irritation if a person is wrapped with it.

Chzxkh Fire Blanket

This blanket is large enough to protect a single person from the flames of fire. It is cleaner than fire extinguisher and can withstand high temperatures.

Tonyko Fiberglass Fire Blanket

It is such a cheap blanket that will easily come within your budget.  Being so flexible, you can easily fold it and store it in a small place like closets, cars, etc. It can resist both oil and grease fires from spreading to the nearby objects.

The material this Tonyko blanket is made up of can cause irritation to sensitive skins.

FYJ Emergency Blankets

It is a great combination pack of two individual blankets for using at multiple locations of your house. It is easy to remove the individual pouch of each blanket and use them multiple times. Buying two packs of this blanket is enough for households.

But, it is not sufficient for a full-size adult.

Inf-Way Fire Blanket

It is a versatile fire blanket as it comes in different sizes for the convenience of users. It is made up of fiberglass that is durable as well as heat resistant up to 1000 degree F. It is safe and non-toxic to use for children also. There are also chances of ripping the blanket while removing it from the pouch.

It is all about how to use a fire blanket and the best choices that are available in the market. By now hope you have a detailed idea on fire blanket and its usage.