Why does your Boat need Marine Alarm Accessories?


Marine alarm accessories serve different purposes in safeguarding the boat, ship, crew and the business. Safe Harbour Ship, UAE’s leading marine service provider explains how marine alarm accessories is a boon to your maritime business in UAE.

In today’s world, nothing is safe and completely protected. One has to take foolproof and  substantial measures to protect their property, machinery or assets in the most cleverly way. Marine Alarm accessories are products that warn people on board or in port when an outsider tries to steal or change marine equipment or the vessel completely. Such situations need inform decisions and well maintained resources.


Marine alarm system is necessary and its associated accessories are essential to make the system solid and efficient. Some basic marine alarm accessories that every boat owner should get their boats installed with:


  • A siren – these help by emitting ear-splitting noise for a specified period of time thereby warning the owner of a probable theft attempt.
  • A strobe – that produces flashes of light and works wonderfully well when attached to a siren.
  • Warning labels that warn the thieves that the premise is being watched or monitored. When put up at the right places and with proper lighting, these can one of the cheapest ways to discourage strangers and burglars to keep away from your property.


There are three types of alarm systems that are available.


  1. A simple local alarm system is effective when the owner is on-board and nearby to hear the alarm ring. It is one of the cheaper options though dismantling it can be really easy, especially for a thief who surely knows how to handle such simple alarm components.
  2. The remote alarm system where the owner is alerted even when he is at a substantial distance from his boat. The technology that comes into use in such systems is the use of satellite network to send warnings on to a mobile device of the owner through a text message, an email or even a pre-recorded voice call.
  3. The last option is the interactive system that uses either the satellite network or internet to inform a distant owner of a possible theft attack.


Marine equipment is mostly sold in packages by the manufacturers. A basic package contains a remote, a siren, toggle switches, few alarm warning labels, required measures of marine wires and cables, wire connectors and manuals to help the owners understand the working and functioning of the alarm systems. Manufacturers make different types of sensors which work with the alarm system providing various options to the boat owners. There are sensors that help detect and raise alarm for high-water situations or a fire or intrusion; there are others that warn of flood situations, one that are able to sense movement on the deck or if the engine switch has been started or if the boat has somehow moved away from the dock or if a radar has got disconnected etc. Installing cameras or GPS systems enables the owner to track human movements on-board in their absence as well as track the movement of the boat if it has moved away from its station.


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